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Tin finds a natural place in the kitchens thanks to its food quality but also to the counters of cafes, hotels and restaurants registered in the convivial tradition and French elegance. It combines perfectly with the multitude of existing designs by bringing its warm touch and inimitable rendering. Its malleability allows us to respond to the audacity of all your desires…

Did you know that?

The famous “zinc bar” that has adorned French breweries for generations is not made of zinc but of tin. During the Second World War, pewter counters had been requisitioned in the capital’s bistros to recover the raw material. During the reconstruction, the stolen counters are made of zinc, because there is a shortage of tin. The phrase “drink a drink on a zinc” has remained ever since, but tin is back under your glass!

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Since 1947, Les Étains de Lyon has been able to surround itself with collaborators, creatives and passionate professionals from all over the world to perpetuate a French craftsmanship recognized as a unique living heritage.

Living heritage enterprise

The “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV) label is a mark of recognition by the state, set up to distinguish French companies and excellent industrial and artisanal know-how.


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